MrsWWaltzesMrs. Willard Waltzes with the Wisteria, 76 x 61″, painted cotton overlay of polyester, machine stitched, 2006


The Indeterminate Nature of Happiness, 51 x 33″, hand-dyed silk, machine stitched, 2005

BeholdTheMagnolia(I)Behold the Magnolia I, 28 x 42″, silk charmeuse, machine stitched, 2004

JODAmioceneMiocene, 92 x 82, hand-dyed and painted silk, cotton & lutradur, hand and machine stitched, 2006

comingdarkThe Coming Dark, 72 x 40, Hand-dyed cotton, machine stitched, 1997

PassagesDecDecember, western Oregon, 25 x 23″, wire and hand-dyed silk & cotton, machine stitched, 2004

 All the works included in this gallery, plus others in the same series, are currently available for sale.


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