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After moving to a new studio, I started in with new directions, both in plein air, representational, and studio abstracts.

The space of the studio now allows me to work large: I spent the fall and winter of 2015–16 doing large abstracts and semi-abstracts. These were exhibited at Art Haus in Milepost 5 in Portland Oregon January and February, 2016. Below are a few samples of the work on exhibit.


The Green Green Grass of Home, 54.5 x 54 Inches, Acrylic on canvas, 2015.

09MixedMediatwentyFifteen68x58WLMerging, 68 x 58 Inches, mixed media on canvas, 2015

112016NumberOne30x40WLGone, 48 x 60 Inches, Oil on canvas, 2016

For the rest of the Art Haus exhibit, see the blog.

In the summer of 2015, I joined a painting intensive, led by Jef Gun, painting from the top of the West Hills, above Portland. The workshop focused on “First Light/Last Light” and we painted from 6–9 AM and came back, 6–9 PM. I did¬†five panorama¬†sets of 4 x 4 inch studies,¬†plus a larger one of the Japanese maple that forced itself into each of the panoramas.


Finally, in and around other life events, I wandered around the Montavilla neighborhood and painted houses and the small neighborhood Mall 205. These are part of my wonky pleine aire series and, while whimsical, are great for gathering in the community into my consciousness.


Home Depot, Mall 205, 12 x 16″, Oil on Masonite, 2015

TopOfTheHillTavernFixedWLTop of the Hill Tavern,  12 x 16 Inches, oil on Masonite, 2015

8 thoughts on “Current Work

  1. Hi June, I want one of your paintings. I like the small ‚ÄúSummer Lake‚ÄĚ picture. Our house has limited wall space, so I like the smaller size. Is it available? How much? Thanks, JH

  2. “Serene” would describe the feel of nearly all these pieces, save that one “colorful” one. I love what you’ve done with those mountains – they are fierce and demand respect and attention. Almost a “Wake up June, come out of your revelry and dreamworld. Capture my great substance.”

    • Sheila, these did seem to wake me up! Although, as I said to Kristin, I didn’t exactly find them “peaceful.” But that’s almost always true when I begin to paint anything. Then I fall into the “zone” and I couldn’t tell you whether peaceful or exciting or neutral or if I was being chewed on by mosquitoes or fire ants. At least not until I come out of my trance and realize that I have neglected all the basic needs that have cropped up while I was zoned out.

      Winter Ridge, the big mountain, is indeed worthy of respect. Fremont came up the “back way” to the top of it in a snow storm and saw Summer Lake below; it looked so green and peaceful that he immediately named both landmarks for the weather that he encountered. I think the piece of the ridge that was most obvious from my cabin was Fremont Ridge. It was formidable.

      Thanks for checking in.

  3. June
    Your paintings from the time at the Playa are most wonderful. The colors reach out to me and ask me to spend some time with them, totally peaceful and at the same time calling out for attention. This series is, indeed, at the top of my list of favorites.

    • Thanks, Kristin,

      Many folks have remarked on the peacefulness of the scenes.

      Oddly enough (and because I’m me) these scenes didn’t feel “peaceful to me.” Rather I found them exciting. Of course, it helped that I was looking for a painting “scene” and found these to be just right:-)

      Thanks for checking in.

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