You can contact me by emailing   ”  june  at  juneunderwood   dot  com  ”

(I have used the written out form of the email address to prevent the bots from spamming me).


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  1. Don Neuenschwander in Topeka wants tp give jerry a call but I cannot locate jerry phone ##. Dons #i is 785-250-6945. Hope all is well in portland

  2. Hi June,

    I like your Green Green Grass!

    Earlier today, I was trying to edit to mentions that not only Willem de Kooning patronized the Cedar Tavern but that Elaine de Kooning was there too – using as reference ….Ms. de Kooning … hung out with the mostly male cast of argumentative characters at the Cedar Tavern and held her own in both the talking…

    I opened a wikipedia account but was overwhelmed by the editing menu. Then I remembered that your husband edited for wikipedia. If that is correct, perhaps he could correct wikipedia’s patriachal view that only males met to discuss art in the mid-fifties.

    After having spent a couple of years looking after family, I am back to painting.

    I still hope that someday we will met!


  3. You were referred to me for an upcoming exhibit. I would like to call you to discuss our program and give you more information about the upcoming exhibit. Please send a phone number and a good time to call you.
    Thank you and best wishes,

    Linda Church

    • Linda, I just now ran across your comment. If you are still interested in discussing an exhibit with me, please let me know. I am June Underwood, and you commented on my blog. Thanks.


  4. Hi June,
    It’s nice hearing from you. I checked out you resume and it is very impressive. There’s a big emptiness between Geneva Cottage and about 2000, which my art resume also has. I came to Raleigh in 1963 and have been here ever since. Sharon & I got married in 64 and divorced about 8 years later. I got my Ph.D. in forest Genetics in 72 but never worked in the field. Was Computing Center Director at NCSU for ten years and then spent 20 years at a major computer software company working for its unappreciative President and owner. Retired in 2002 and stated serious photography in 2007. Was sick with several things, including a near death experience with meningitis, from late 2008 through late 2010. Got back to photography and found abstract photography in 2011. I still take lots of photos while I’m looking for abstract images but haven’t spent any time on building a resume. I’m told I should – its just not fun.

    I looked through your paintings and really like your current work. I have a friend who does similar scenes from the NC coast and somewhere in CA. Checked out you abstracts and like them particularly “golden canyon”. I have to say that I don’t see St. John’s Bridge as abstract – you can (try to) educate me as to why it’s abstract.

    How is Oregon? I have only been to Portland on business trips many years ago and a ski trip to Mt. Hood(?). Recently, a very good friend moved to Eugene. Thanks for contacting me and I look forward hearing more from you.

    Peace, Love & laughter, Dick

  5. It was great meeting you today. I wish we could have discussed the Hockney show in depth–especially about the different perspectives & how you would paint them or “depict” them.

    It would be great to go out painting with you. I’ve been painting with my painting teacher & other good friends that are landscape painters. I’m the only one that’s not a serious landscape painter, but love it & love being out in nature. You might enjoy the work of my teacher, Phyllis Shafer. She’s a well-known landscape painter–usually painting desert or the Sierras. She has a solo show every 2 years at Stremmel’s in Reno & is having a big retrospective at the Reno Art Museum this March. She’s a phenomenal painter, teacher & friend.

    Anyway, it was great meeting you. Maybe we can discuss this further thru email. paula

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