The Project in Purgatory: it’s graduated


Progress is being made. The 8 cedar planks have all had their first coat of paint. The slight bulge in the center that somehow started out concave has be sighted and corrected. The curve of Winter Ridge has been located and shaped at each end of the playa. Color has been laid down and more is contemplated. Let the wild rumpus begin.

Here’s my earlier blog on the subject.

Here are photos of a couple of the planks and the sweep of the first four (from the right) of the eight:


plank3planks1to4Fixed[Photos by Susan Monti, January, 2014]

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The Project from Hell

The project from hell is the one that has at least 27 more steps to it than initially envisioned, and each step consists of 1 step forward followed fairly quickly by 1.9999 (or sometimes 4.999999) back.

So, take 20 miles of a dry lake bed, Summer Lake, seen in September from a relatively inaccessible spot on Winter Ridge approximately 250 miles from home.

SunriseWithCloudsThen add in a decision to use cedar planks from an torn-down homestead from the Playa Art Residency compound as surfaces to paint the irresistible 20-mile panorama on.



[The pile of planks, fondly patted, until reality set in.]

Continue, on arriving back in Portland, with the questions of how much to sand the 2″ thick planks (after the initial grinding off the nubbins at Playa), with what to seal them (white gesso, clear gesso, linseed oil, Liquin), and what paints (acrylic, oil, transparent, opaque) wouldl use the wood grain most advantageously.


Sampling PossibleSandingsPaintsSealingsWllThen throw a minor surgery to the mix, and you find yourself dealing with The Holidays, after which or in and around which, Decisions Must Be Made.

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