About June Underwood


Miocene, 45″ x 75″ , Cotton and silk
Hand-dyed and painted. Machine stitched

I paint –once I painted on cotton with textile paints, which I then stitched.

Now I paint on canvas and masonite with oil paints, mostly plein air.

My artistic aim is to convey the context, the meaningful encounters, which I have with external world of urban-scapes, landscapes, and personal-scapes.

Golden Canyon (Death Valley) Revisited. 52″ x 58″, Oil on canvas, 2009

A writer and observer of landscape, Jennifer Jane Marshall,  says humanity’s concept of landscape is “a hodgepodge of sensations, impressions, meanderings, and insights: real embodied experiences in a real, encompassing place.”  (p. 196, of Landscape Theory))

This hodgepodge of the realities of the personal impressions and the external world is what I undertake to retain within my paintings.

Blossom Time

Blossom Time, 12″ x 16″ Oil on masonite, 2008

My immersion in the world around me has been conveyed in a number ways. I do panoramas, capturing scenes over days or weeks.

I work in multiples and series because I’m fascinated with what happens when I return again and again to a place, time, or personal insight.

And sometimes I just play around, painting family portraits or still lifes, just because.

I have kept notes about three of my artist residencies in my Residency Journals on this blog. I’ve been a contributor to Art and Perception as well as an essayist on the Henri Art Magazine.

“A mystical experience, says Marilyn Robinson, author of Gilead and Home, “would be wasted on me. Ordinary things have always seemed numinous to me. … You don’t simply perceive something that is statically present, but in fact there is a visionary quality to all experience. It means something because it is addressed to you. You can draw from perception the same way a mystic would draw from a vision.”

Indeed, ordinary things have always seemed numinous to me.


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