PSF Residency: Post 9 — More Manikins

Friend Jane and I traveled down to the res to do a bit of drawing today. Beforehand I dawdled. I thought about calling and cancelling. I drank another cup of coffee. I looked at the flowering hellebore as I meandered down the street. In short, I didn’t want to go a-drawing.

However, and per usual, showing up is half the game. I had a great time.

We drew manikins, and because I was mostly feckless, I decided the heck with precision and care and getting the proportions right. I would work on rhythm and line, since the warehouse, with its amazing stock of organized jumbles of store fixtures is all about rhythm and line.

JOU Studies, Lots of Manikins Pencil on paper, about¬† 10 x 12″ 2012

The lady manikin in the dark dress (see her?) was bought right out from under my nose – er, my drawing. She was the only one clothed except for the character on the far left who had a feather boa.

JOU, Studies, Manikin Feet Etc, pencil on paper, about 10 x 12″, 2012.

I was sitting down, and so the best view I had was of white plastic legs receding into the stacks.

Both these were done in pencil on a sketch pad I had on hand. Eventually, and perhaps sooner if the weather continues to imagine it’s February in Portland, I’ll set up a painting easel in the warehouse.Then the true test of character will begin.

The folks at Portland Store Fixtures continue to be gracious and delightful. Today Penny and a friend, Michelle, came by. Michelle allowed as how what Jane and I were doing might be called “lifeless drawing.” We all envisioned a workshop, “Lifeless Drawing” to be held in and around the warehouse. Which led Penny to talking about the dog training workshops held in the warehouse. And then she had to bring out the wonderful dog, a dog which steals my heart every time I see him. Jane ended up on the floor, allowing the huge malamute to lick her chin.

Like I said,¬† delightful. –June

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