PSF Residency: Post #5

It’s Wednesday evening (Feb 1, 2012), and today I drew for the first time inside the warehouse at Portland Store Fixtures. It was good. Comfy quarters (warmth, light, pleasant music), the staff was altogether pleasant, and I had a drawing companion, comrade Jane, to buck me up and keep me from feeling too self-conscious.

We didn’t do a lot — meandered around the res a bit, got something to drink at the cafe near the PCC building, and then sat in front of a bunch of manikins and did our drawings.

JOU Manikin2, pencil on paper, 10 x 12″ 2012


JOU, Manikin1, pencil on paper, 10 x 12″, 2012

I’m presenting the drawings here for the record — can’t claim more than that.

Painting the manikins in the warehouse will be coming along soon, although I need to do a lot more on Plant 5, up the street. I’ve begun a largish canvas of the Plant 5 funnel, but I have plans for a hockney-ish pano (A la Pear Blossom Highway) of the plant’s facades on Main Street, done plein air on panels and then on canvas in the studio.

Plans are cheap. But so was the drawing:-) –June

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