Bits and Bytes: Day 33, Dec. 3, 09

Yesterday, I took the day off and was playing at painting the Beatty Community Center when the silver Honda pulled up with David Lancaster and all his photo equipment. So I got to exploit the photographer. Actually he had set up and done some phtography before he found me, but at the Barn, after some mugs with the big pano, I decided to take off the tape from the panels.

You can see the beginning of the process — that’s me on the step stool.

And here are the panels, without the tape. Oh wondrous-much!

Un-oriented Amargosa, 5′ x 28′, Oil on linen, 2009

After more mugs with the panos (ho-hum — the panels are better by themselves), I further exploited the photographer by making him take mug shots of me and the desert. I understand that the competition is scarcely fair — one can’t compete with the desert. But David did his best and we had a jolly time of not being formal about the process, nor the product.

Ultimately David got serious and photographed the real subject with the incidental one standing in front:

I’m astonished at what he could capture in the bright desert sun. There’s my scene, although I’m not looking in the right direction. I kept telling him my best side was the other one, but he ignored me.

Thank you, David Lancaster, superb photographer, raconteur, and friend.

Reporting from Beatty, Nevada, at the Goldwell House, part of the Goldwell Open Air Museum.

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