The Masonite Studies: Day 15, Nov 15, 2009

from Mary Shelley’s comments in Part II of her Rambles in Germany and Italy:

Were I exiled, perforce, I might repine, for the heart naturally yearns for home. But to adorn that home with recollections, to fly abroad from the hive, like a bee, and return laden with the sweets of travel-scene, which haunt the eye — wild adventures, that enliven the imagination — knowledge, to enlighten and free the mind from clinging, deadening prejudices — a wider circle of sympathy with our fellow creatures; these are the uses of travel.

The quote above, taken from Wikipedia, describes something of my mood at the moment. It was a slow starting day and a fast ending one: I didn’t begin until 9:30 and Jer showed up at 3 to pick me up. I also did a lot of work sitting down.

I now have an even better masonite board panorama, and more ideas to play with with the linen. I spent the entire day with the masonite boards on a table, where they weren’t subject to glare from the open Barn doors. And I reworked them to add more shadows, more blending of the skies, and differently toned basin floors.

Here they are, panels 1 through 7, each 12 x 16″, plus the line-up, 16 x 84″. I realize I have shown earlier versions of these, so if you are curious about the changes, here is the earlier set. Looking at that set again, I see that I need to go back to some of the ideas I had earlier. and keep some I had today. Anyway, here are today’s results:








The hues are enhanced with more golds in the later panels, and the contrasts deepened. The colors here aren’t quite right, particularly onĀ  some panels. but you get the idea. Here’s the whole panorama:


These are Jer’s photos, taken with badĀ  lighting and worse glare and manipulated in Photoshop Elements from memory, rather than with the paintings in front of me. So I know (or at least I’m hoping) that the actual work is more subtle and more varied than the computer shows.

Since I forgot to carry my camera with me, I can’t show you any delights from the desert. Moreover, I had no visitors today, neither human nor other critters, except for some house sparrows which seem to be flying on a tour.

Reported from Beatty Nevada, where yawns are starting to accrue.

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