October 31, 2009: The Journey Continues

We’re back in Beatty, back at the Red Barn Studio, Back at the head of the Amargosa Valley/desert/plain/playa, back where the land dwarfs the mind and the lungs expand with with the expansive space.

AmargosaDesertwIt’s all here, just waiting for me. Unoriented Space.

Reporting from the Atomic Inn, Beatty Nevada, Halloween Eve and the weekend of Beatty Days. J

1 thought on “October 31, 2009: The Journey Continues

  1. HI June,

    went through the whole blog. What a great project. Makes me want to give it a go myself. I won’t be able to visit this month (remember we had entertained that idea). A time and money thing.

    I’ll follow along on the blog. How do you notify followers of new posts? Have been wondering that for my own blog.



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